Recovery Coaching is… Your Lethal Weapon!

Hi, I am Cheryl Frei, and Recovery Coaching is your lethal weapon when it comes to moving forward beyond shame, guilt, frustration, etc… moving forward into a life you absolutely love living!

Life Coaching is a service that helps you change, re-arrange, step back and take a larger view, find where you are loosing energy, loosing momentum, and partner with you to help you move forward with freedom into a life you will love living!

I am a certified Addiction Recovery Coach who has worked for the past 5 years with many individuals that are enjoying and fully engaged in the life they only dreamed about living before life coaching supported their efforts in achieving success!

If you are serious about changing your life, and being the beautiful you we both know you are underneath all the fear, shame and guilt that keeps you from showing up authentically in your life…contact me today!

Find out how you can upgrade your thinking, utilize a cleaner renewable source of energy, gain new perspectives that set you free to become who your authentic soul was meant to be!


~Mastering the Game of Life and Loving It!~


Life Coaching; some history

Coaching came onto the corporate scene in the 1980’s. Executives and CEO´s began hiring coaches to help them with personal and company problems they were having. Coaching became popular because it works, and it works effectively and efficiently. It works so well, that many are trying to lay claim to being a coach. Find out where they were trained, and what their background really is. Coaching is not the same thing as counseling, therapy, or sponsorship! Vastly different!