Catching Mewtwo In Pokemon Fire Red

Mewtwo Is among the most sought-after Pokemons from the video game. This is since Mewtwo is one of the most powerful Pokemons it is possible to catch — and since it is of amazing price, it’s also regarded as the hardest Pokemon to locate and catch. Bagging a Mewtwo definitely calls for bragging rights as a participant of pokemon fire red rom. If you want to catch a Mewtwo, below are some hints and steps that you need to remember. More information on pokemon fire red download click here .

There Are 3 major actions in the sport to get to Mewtwo:

  • You need to be proclaimed Pokemon champion prior to getting your chance to capture Mewtwo.
  1. Assessing the National Pokedex from Professor Oak. Take note that you need to catch at least 60 Pokemons in order to acquire the National Pokedex.
  1. Fix the Network Machine by simply accessing the Ruby and Sapphire.

After You complete the three steps, now you can start the hunt for Mewtwo:

  • The cave at the top left corner of this town can now be obtained. In order to enter the cave, you will need a Pokemon that knows how to surf.
  1. When you go into the cave, you need to experience a maze before reaching the floor. You’ll be encountering a great deal of strong Pokemons as you browse your way through (levels 46 into 70) so you need to make sure that your staff is at a higher level.
  1. When you reach the ground floor, you will see Mewtwo. Ensure to save the game until you challenge him that you do not have to restart the entire procedure. You ought to possess at least 50 Ultra Balls to be able to catch Mewtwo.

Obtaining Mewtwo is achievable but you’ve got to make sure that you level your Pokemons and train nicely. The road to achieving the most desired Pokemon in the sport might be difficult but it’s possible.